TapeTech EasyClean Automatic Taper

Price: CAD $2,425.00
Item Number: 10030
Manufacturer: TapeTech
Manufacturer Part No: 07TT

TapeTech 07TT EasyClean® Taper is the most advanced and enhanced drywall taping tool offered by TapeTech. EasyClean® lid releases with a quick turn of the single attachment screw, and makes clean-up and cable changes easier than ever. You can expect great TapeTech quality from the rest of the drywall gun as well!

EASY GRIP CONTROL TUBE. The control tube has been lengthened 2.5" and glide wheels added to make tape cuts easier and more comfortable. The glide wheels are recessed into flanges at each end of the control tube, and act as stops for your hands - requiring much less grip-force to operate the cutter.

QUICK-CHANGE TAPE BAIL locks into place, making it easy to change tape rolls without having to put the taper down. Best of all, there are no loose parts to misplace or re-install. To change tape rolls, grasp the tape retainer wire near the end of the spool post and depress it down and out through the retainer slot. Swing the retainer wire up and out of the way, change tape rolls, sliding the new roll fully onto the spool post. Swing the retainer wire back down, and guide it into the retainer slot. It’s that simple!

NO HASSLE CABLE CHANGES. The plunger stop has been improved to simplify cable changes. The metal and exposed screw heads have been replaced with a smooth, rounded, plastic plunger stop that is easy to remove and re-install. To remove the plunger stop, lift the locking tab and twist the stop ¼ turn counterclockwise. After twisting, pull the stop off the taper and complete the cable change following the normal procedure (see Cable Replacement). To re-install, align the guide tabs to the slots and slide the stop into the taper end, twisting ¼ turn clockwise. Continue twisting until the tab snaps into place, locking the assembly together. If oriented correctly, very little force should be required to install the stop. Changing a cable has never been easier!

NOW WITH ADJUSTABLE BRAKING SYSTEM! This new feature allows you to adjust the braking system for your personal preference. Now you have the control over the brake. It also can be adjusted tighter or looser to account for wear on your taper.