TapeTech EasyClean™ Flat Box

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Price: CAD $555.00
Manufacturer: TapeTech

TapeTech EasyClean™ Flat Box

The rigid design allows the flat box to apply just the right amount of drywall joint compound, feathering both edges at the same time. The main extrusion strongly supports side plates for greater strength. Ideal for applying base coat to drywall flat seams, butt joints or corner beads, These boxes will also fit all major brands of flat box handles.

The EasyRoll™ wheel system allows you to expertly finish all types of outside corner bead up to two times faster than finishing by hand. EasyRoll™ wheels work with all types of outside corner bead including metal, paper-faced, vinyl and bullnose. These wheels provide a shoulder to guide the finishing box along the corner bead without after-market attachments or damage to the axle. The shoulder of the EasyRoll™ wheels are more than three times wider than after-market products, making it easier to place, and keep the finishing box on the corner bead. EasyRoll™ wheels are engineered and designed to be perfectly aligned with the finishing blade, eliminating the need to tilt the finishing box like you must with common after-market wheel systems.

  • Perfect For Base Coats On Flat Seams and Corner Bead.
  • Coat Corner Bead With EZ Roll Wheels
  • Quick Release Thumb Latches For Easy Cleanup
  • Rigid Shell Design
  • Easy Blade Carrier Dial Adjustment For Precision
  • Fits All Major Brand Drywall Flat Box Handles
  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.