TapeTech Wizard Compact Power Assist Flat Box Handle

Price: CAD $105.00
Item Number: 13686
Manufacturer: TapeTech
Manufacturer Part No: 8000TT-PA

TapeTech Wizard Compact Flat Box Handle 8000TT-PA for Power Assist Boxes

BIGGER ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER!! The New Wizard™ Compact Flat Box Handle lets you take your flat box places it has never been. This model is specially designed for use with TapeTech Power Assist flat boxes.

The compact size of the Wizard™ allows you to use your box in tight spaces like closets or under stairs. The Wizard™ gives you unmatched control by placing your hand directly over the pressure plate. The extra leverage gives you more power with less force and is much safer when working on scaffolding. This handle is angled to give you the extra clearance needed on the power assist boxes.

This revolutionary design has the ability to reverse the front handle, allowing for multiple hand positions, which reduces worker fatigue. The lack of a brake handle on the Wizard™ means even an unexperienced finisher can learn quickly.


  • Compact size (10.5") fits where other handles can't, making closets and tight spots no problem.
  • Specially angled to fit on TapeTech Power Assist Flat Boxes
  • Unmatched control and leverage, achieved by placing your hand directly over the pressure plate.
  • Improved ergonomics, including the reversible handle to reduce fatigue.